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Waterproof Luggage Tags

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Personalised monogram luggage tags
These unique, robust fully waterproof and weather resistant luggage tags will last you a lifetime. Printed onto recycled plastic they'e environmentally friendly, there's no better way for your luggage to stand out than with our unique tags. Perfect for so many occasions such as traveling abroad, expeditions, school trips, group parties, Hen parties and more.

Your details will never rub-out, peel, fade or crack, they're there for life. Don't compromise on your luggage identity, not only are these tags robust but you can match the colour to your theme, favourite colour or event.

Material - recycled plastic so they're eco friendly
Cable Wire - the included cable wire is ultra strong and durable with a screw closure to confidently secure your tag to your luggage.
Steel eyelet - fitted for added durability
Size - approximately 8 x 16cm
Colours - available in 10 colours, please select from the drop down menu.
Durability -flexible and bendable so perfect for the riguours of the airport and baggage handlers.

The first line (as shown) will read This Bag Belongs To unless you request otherwise, if you'd like a different header please leave these details.   The details you leave with your order will be laid out to best fit the space. Eg full name, address, mobile number

Please note We will use the first initial of the name as the monogram (Large letter as shown 'S')
Eg if you leave:
- Mr & Mrs name such as Hall, we'll print a large H
- a double barrell name such as Amelia-Rose we'll print a large A