Our website reviews

How we collect reviews
We use Judge.me, a web-based application that provides an online reviews collection solution, to collect, source, process and display reviews on our website.
Automated requests
Judge.me automatically sends review requests to customers for whom we have a record that they purchased products directly from our website. This allows us to verify the review’s reliability through technical means, such as the customer’s email address.  Reviews that are submitted directly through such requests are marked as ‘Verified’ next to the review.
On-site reviews
If a customer submits a review directly through our website, the review will not be marked as verified.
Imported reviews
Reviews may also be imported into Judge.me from an external source. Imported reviews come from reputable marketplaces that we also sell from.
Other verified reviews
We may verify reviews submitted directly through our website and imported reviews using reasonable and proportionate methods, such as by requesting valid proof that the customer had actually used or purchased the product.